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Avernum Side Quest List

List compiled by Tyranicus.

Help Duvno against Nephilim raids.

Warrick in Fort Avernum is looking for someone named Anastasia.

The mayor of Formello would like you to return a necklace stolen by Nephilim.

Claudette, the priest in Formello, would like you to speak to the dragon Motrax about a scroll which tells the story of the first priest in Avernum.

Bandits have been extorting money from merchants between Fort Duvno and Formello.

Gary, the bartender in Silvar, is looking for some natural hot springs.

Gad, the bartender in Formello, will pay a lot for sugar.

Jen in Formello will pay a lot for high quality mushroom meal.

Yong-Mi outside the crypt north of Formello wants special arrows.

Jenny in Cotra would like to know where Erika's tower is.

The mayor of Cotra wants some of his soldiers rescued from a Nepharim fort north of town.

Mairwen in Fort Dranlon would like a spell tome from the Slith town to the northwest.

Captain Rosie in Fort Dranlon wants to know what the Sliths on the island to the south are planning.

Bill in Fort Draco and Eustice in Spire would like cheap wine from the Great Cave.

Aife in Fort Draco will pay 10 coins for every set of aranea fangs you bring her.

Elmer, the mayor of Mertis, wants you to stop the undead that have been ravaging the countryside.

The Chief GIFTS would like you to rescue a GIFTS form the aranea cave.

Ambram in the Tower of Magi wants you to kill some ogres to the northwest.

X in the Tower of Magi wants you to find a library somewhere in Avernum and tell him where it is.

Dexter in Almaria wants you to steal a ring from a house in the northwest corner of Blosk.

After you do that, he wants you to deliver a box to Meena in Spire.

After you do that, he wants you to goad Mentta in Dharmon into a duel and kill him.

Bevan, the mayor of Almaria, wants you to kill some basilisks to the southwest.

Prince Chevyn has lost his ring somewhere in the Castle.

Benth in the Castle will pay 25 gold for every historical scroll.

Hodgson in Fort Emerald would like some aranea fangs for his alchemy.

Leith in Blosk would like you to tell Shaynee, a merchant living to the west to get 100 lbs. of leather to him.

Jonnhalyn in Blosk will pay 25 coins for every sack of Fine Ore from Fort Draco that you bring her.

Sabrina in Blosk will join you if you kill the Chasm Drake in a pit west of Fort Remote.

The alchemist in Dharmon would like a copy of the Valorim Bestiary from the Tower of Magi library.

Mayor DeBry of Dharmon would like to know who has been organizing the bandits north of Fort Saffron.

Bronwen in Fort Remote would like you to kill some fire lizards to the west.

Bohman in Fort Spire would like you to kill some bandits to the north.

Zavlek, a healer northwest of Spire, would like a black drake fang.

Sss-Voss in Lost Bahssikava would like you to recover the answering stone deep inside Lost Bahssikava.

Mayor Maher of Bargha would like you to kill the giants in a fort to the east. He will also pay 30 coins for every sack of good metal ore.