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Starting with version 10.7, OS X has dropped support for older PowerPC applications, including the original Avernum trilogy. However, there is no need for despair! Using an application called Wineskin, I have made Intel-native versions of the original games from the Windows versions. These are the demo versions. If you have purchased the games in the past, you can email Spiderweb Software support ( with your registration code, and they will send you the activation code.

Because changing the window settings involves modifying the Wineskin configuration, I have made two versions, fullscreen and windowed.

Avernum 1 - Fullscreen - Windowed

Avernum 2 - Fullscreen - Windowed

Avernum 3 - Fullscreen - Windowed

The Exile trilogy has been released as freeware, but the Mac versions of the games will not run on any Intel Mac, as they are Classic Mac apps. I have made Wineskin Mac apps from the Windows versions of these as well. These are the full games and do not require registration codes.

Exile 1

Exile 2

Exile 3